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Virtual Pet Adoption Program  !

Can’t adopt? Join the POSH Guardian Program and you can “virtually” adopt a senior or special needs pet at the shelter.

When you become a Guardian for a senior or special needs animal from Posh-Nirvana, you are creating a unique bond. We understand that not everyone can adopt all the animals we have available here at Nirvana; that’s why becoming a guardian for that special animal whose story touched your life is a popular alternative to adoption. The bond formed through this virtual adoption program is one that keeps you connected to the progress of your special friend and gives you the rare opportunity to witness their growth over time. 

 By virtually adopting an animal with a monthly donation, you will be providing for its food, shelter, toys, blankets and care by our staff workers while he or she is in Nirvana care. You can visit the shelter anytime during regular open hours to say hello to your chosen pet, or send him or her toys,letters,treats and Love. When your sponsored pet finds a forever home and leaves the shelter, you may opt-out of the program or choose a new pet to virtually adopt at the shelter, because there is always someone here who needs you.

You can “adopt” as many as you like; or “adopt” one as a gift or a tribute in honor or memory of a loved one!  We’ll e-mail you their downloadable photo and story,Their funny moments,their health and medical progress – and our great appreciation for your support. Become a Posh  Guardian today!


Rescued from east Delhi, .Lost her leg in car accident.Very lively 4 month old girl.Loves cuddles and chew sticks.


Rescued more then 3 months back,Cupcake was found with a dislocated lower jaw and eye completely eaten up by maggots.He is recovering fine but will not be able to survive on streets.


Bombay was rescued from street.he was dragging himself on busy roads with a broken spine and lost spirit.He has improved a lot.he need 3 more months to recover completely.He cannot walk more then 4-5 steps.


Bhoora is an accident vicitm.Lost his hind leg in road negligence.He is a charming,handsom pooch ,full of life and naughtyness.He keep waiting but no one came to adopt him.He is still looking for a miracle.