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Nirvana -- Canine Rescue & Recovery Unit .

“As a support system to rescues and shelters in and around our community, POSHFoundation is building a campus called”NIRVANA”, the only one of it’s kind, right here. The goal is to provide much needed services to animal welfare organizations and the community in a way never done before.

“Animals are special, they have stories to tell about beating the odds, overcoming very traumatic experiences, and finally triumph when they reach the end of their suffering to regain there health with us. It’s time to stop ignoring and help the less fortunate animals who are still unattended in our communities.”

Services at our Care

Hygienic Kennels for post care treatment




Nirvana’s mission is "To inspire, educate and motivate the human spirit. To save, nurture and love the canine spirit and to bring the two together to change the way the world views, rescue, treat and recover homeless dogs." Nirvana is dedicated to helping dogs recover from trauma such as accidents, injury due to abuse, neglect, long term confinement, and other special cases. Programs include, rescue, recovery, socialization, rehabilitation, and release after recovery for canines that animal lovers, shelters and rescue organizations cannot place. Nirvana is dedicated to the dog that is unlucky enough to be a victim of hit n runcase or need surgical assistance . NIRVANA is dedicated to the dog who need post operative care. NIRVANA is dedicated to the dog that is ill due to environment or age and doesn't have a family or home to get him treated. These are our patients and they have our hearts.


A. Are you kidding :) Money can't buy a wagging tail...


Volunteer With Us ! We Want you!


Come for a visit, come to volunteer for half a day, or volunteer every day! We want YOU to come to Nirvana Shelter and join in the magic that is animal protection and care. Nirvana is a happy place where animals are healing and loved.

Whether you have technical skills with animal health care or whether you are a motivated animal lover who wants to help by giving tender loving care, Your little shelter Nirvana has the right animals for YOU!!

"Volunteers are welcome at Nirvana Tuesday to Sunday from 11 – 6.

-The best time to arrive is in the morning anytime between 11 and 12.

-We don’t require you to book in advance or get an email confirmation before coming to visit or volunteer. You are always welcome.

-Once you’ve arrived we will take you on a tour through the shelter and introduce you to the animals on the way.

-After your tour you are welcome to stay longer to spend time with the animals for as long as you’d like.

-If you are going to be volunteering with us then our volunteer leader Harsh will take over and will stay with you throughout the day to guide you to the different areas of the shelter and explain how to help in each section.

-You will be encouraged to spend lots of time cuddling and socializing with our patients, particularly those with disabilities who thrive on special attention and one-on-one time with volunteers.

-Other help will include bottle feeding puppies,assisting in physical therapy, bathing and brushing dogs.

-Dogs recovering from accidents with spinal trauma need physical therapy and lots of love to keep their spirits up while they heal.

We encourage you to have your ANTI-RABIES vaccinations complete at least one month before coming to volunteer, especially if you are going to be volunteering for several weeks or longer. If you are not able to get vaccinated before coming it is no problem at all but we will have to limit a couple areas of the shelter for your safety (you will be very busy either way so you probably won’t notice any limitation.) If you are vaccinated then we would be able to use your help for walking dogs, socializing and bathing in the dog treatment sections where recently rescued dogs are being treated.

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