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Adoption procedure

Why adopt?

When you decide to adopt an animal from Adopt A Pet ! you are joining hundreds of thousands of people who have added to their families with an animal from one of NGO's,foster homes,animal lovers,rescue socities of different locations. You are also helping to support an organization that is there for you throughout the life of your pet—whic guides and helps you with socialization and play group opportunities, training classes, pet boarding, a pet behavior helplines and events for you and your pet.

You are quite possibly saving a life—and enhancing yours. You are also helping to support the nearly 25,000 animals that come through different doors each year.

You make a difference when you adopt from Adopt a Pet!. When you adopt one animal you are advocating for all animals.

Adoption Policies and Procedures

POSH Foundation receives animals from individuals who are no longer able to care for their pets as well as animals that are lost or abandoned. We are looking for people who are willing to provide permanent, loving homes for these animals.

Please consider carefully the time and money required to own a pet before you make the decision to adopt. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment.

All animals that are available for adoption have passed an evaluation based on their known history, health and temperament. 


  • You must be 18 years of age or older to adopt an animal.
  • A current photo ID (driver’s license or state ID card/Aadhar card) is required to process an adoption.
  • Some species have limits on the number that can be adopted at one time or may have a requirement they be adopted together or may have restrictions regarding other pets or young children. Please understand these restrictions are in the animals best interests to give them the best chance for success in a new home.
  • To provide  identification, all dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits and ferrets receive a Pet I D card. The card has unique QR code which is registered at the time of adoption.

A time for adjustment and future commitment

  • Some adopted animals adjust quickly to their new home and family, while others may need a few weeks. Pets should be introduced to their new environment and new family members (including other pets) slowly.
  • Cat companions: bonding can take time Easy access to food, water and a litter box (cats) as well as a quiet, comfortable and safe place to relax all help put a pet at ease and ensure a smooth transition.
  • If the adopted animal does not adjust within three weeks, we will gladly take the animal back into care and help you choose a different pet .  This policy provides for a reasonable adjustment period and is not a “return” option months or years later.
  • Once you have committed to adoption, you are solely responsible for your pet.  However, the adoption agreement clearly states that you agree never to abandon is discard the animal in any circumstances. Adopt a Pet! may (depending on resources) be able to help with re-homing your pet if necessary and we should be contacted for assistance. If Adopt a Pet! believes there is a risk of future abandonment, we will respectfully refuse adoption and offer fostering or other alternatives instead.

Training, behavior and consequences

  • If you adopt a cat, you must agree that Scratching is not a behavior associated with “misbehaved” cats, but is a natural feline instinct. Cats can be trained to engage in this natural behaviour in a way that spares your furniture. Prepare your home with scratching posts and pads and reward your cat for using them.
  • A well-trained dog is a happy dog If you adopt a dog, your pet will come into contact with many people – neighbors, security guards, other pets, as well as complete strangers. Some people may be afraid of your pet, no matter how docile a dog. To keep people at ease and to safeguard your pet from the consequences of a complaint (valid or not), you will need to train your dog to handle meeting new people, walk your dog on a leash.
  • If you work long hours, you need to evaluate the risk of leaving these responsibilities to a helper. A well-trained dog is a happy dog.


  • Adopt a Pet!representatives will follow up by e-mail or telephone after adoption to ensure a smooth re-homing transition for you and your pet.
  • We request that you also keep in touch with Adopt a Pet  to advise how your pet has settled in within a month of adoption and feel free to provide any future updates. Please send us a family or updated pet photo and some comments about your adoption experience. We gladly update our “Happily Ever After” section of our page(photos of people are not posted without consent).